Welcome Junior Mining Investors

Hello. I’m Ken Smith, marketing director and managing editor for Dudley Pierce Baker’s new marketing portal, Junior Mining Resources, and our news feed at JuniorMiningNews.com.

Investors in the resource sector will soon be greatly rewarded as the price of the metals is anticipated to rise substantially by virtually all analysts, newsletter writers and mining executives. It has been a difficult time over the last year or two but that is behind us now. NOW is the time to focus your investment dollars on good quality mining shares and perhaps some long term stock warrants.

My mission will be to present you with information on how to discover the most promising junior mining opportunities.

Our news feed (JuniorMiningNews) as well as for our followers on Twitter will be focused on content which we deem to be interesting and unique and not necessarily company specific. You are encouraged to signup and follow us at https://twitter.com/JrMiningNews.

After learning more about the Junior Mining sector which we have provided in our Resources link above, you will now be armed and ready to seek out those specific opportunities in which to invest.

We have hand selected some books available on Amazon.com which will greatly enhance your education and knowledge in this exciting investment sector of junior mining investing.

Conservative investors may prefer to only buy the metals, i.e., gold and silver. One of our personal favorites venues for buying gold and silver is through GoldMoney, founded by James Turk.

More aggressive investors will find in the services provided by Dudley Pierce Baker many wonderful investment opportunities.

Why You Should Follow Dudley

There are many investment newsletters providing information and recommendations in the resource sector. Dudley knows personally many of these professionals and has great respect for their work.

However, Dudley strives to take his services to a higher level and standard of excellence.

Insider Holdings

Dudley would never buy, recommend or write favorably of a company in which the company insiders (officers, directors, etc.) do not have a significant position. In effect, Dudley wants to see the ‘insiders’ have a great deal of ‘skin in the game’, i.e., their own money in the company’s shares, not just stock options and salaries.

Our observation is that many of the ‘other newsletters’ do not understand or follow the significance of the insider holdings. Dudley finds many of the company’s insiders own only a small common share holding in their company, begging the question: “do you want to own more shares than the company CEO?”  We don’t think so!

Our Team of Experts

Dudley has build a team of experts to assist him.

In September 2012 Dudley brought Ed Skoda, Mining Analyst on board as a consultant.

Ed Skoda brings many years of mining experience to our team and serves as a technical advisor on call to Dudley.

In October 2012, Dudley brought me, Ken Smith, on board to assist him with the design and implementation of his new websites, Junior Mining Resources and Junior Mining News. Starting in the early 1990s, I have launched and sold several specialized news websites, focusing on real estate, mortgage banking, wireless technology, and web marketing applications for the promotion of travel and tourism.

Boots on the Ground

Dudley and Ed Skoda  also are engaged in making site tours on some of Dudley’s positions and recommendations, meeting with management and seeing the key properties, up close and personal. We refer to this level of involvement as ‘boots on the ground’, so we can make the best decisions possible for our subscribers.

People Connections

Dudley meets management of junior mining companies at investment conferences, in the United States, Canada or in Mexico, or on site visits to the company’s properties. In some cases, he knows personally the owners of the drilling companies and in some cases, he meets through social venues many of the participants in this exciting business of mining.

Dudley’s objective never waivers which is to provide great opportunities for his subscribers. Relationships are wonderful but will not sway our investment decisions, i.e., if our friends or associates are selling shares in their company, we will notify you.

Business is business for us, first and foremost, for you, our valued subscribers.

Discovering the best opportunities with junior mining companies may seem like an impossible task, but it does not have to be, not now, it’s is as easy as following Dudley Pierce Baker.

Let us ask you this question.

Are Your Investments Aligned to Take Advantage of the Coming Market Opportunities?   

If not, we have some amazing ideas for your consideration in our services. Ideas which we believe could produce gains of 500% – 1000% or more.

Dudley and his team of experts are here to serve you, our subscribers, with the best services in the business.